Defeated but Alive.

I just got back to Kathmandu yesterday.

Unfortunately, I didn’t summit Everest this time. Sorry for not bringing you good news.

On 18 May, I tried for the summit from C4 but just after 30 minutes, I turned back. I had developed a very bad throat infection and I couldn’t even breathe properly. I stayed at C4 for another day, hoping to recover a bit. Next day, I tried again but same result. The feeling was as if someone was squeezing my windpipe. Even I had my oxygen turned to full blast, I was still gasping. The weather was perfect but my throat was not. Sigh…

I will rest a few days here and go see a doctor. With my condition, Kanchenjunga is definitely off.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Much appreciated. See you in 1-2 week’s time.

Swee Chiow