World’s Longest Journey on Skates

“Following Swee Chiow on his inline-skating journey, you will read anecdotes on how he struggled to uncover the unknown, overcame bureaucratic roadblocks, re-negotiated with his inner self to overcome pains and obstacles but never let go of his commitment to his goals.”

Foreword by Gerald Penaflor

Singapore to Beijing on a Bike

“The road Swee Chiow has traveled as a pioneer, many will eventually follow in the years to come. Though he has his down moments, Swee Chiow is generally optimistic especially when he faces a challenge. He has to be to do the things he has done. His journey to Beijing is an uplifting story.”
Foreword by George Yong-Boon Yeo, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Journeys to the Ends of the Earth

“Khoo Swee Chiow represents the dreamer in all of us. Despite numerous setbacks, he persevered to conquer Everest before completing the so-called Adventure Grand Slam. ‘Journeys to the Ends of the Earth’ shows Swee Chiow is a passionate adventurer who dared to follow his dreams”


“A refreshingly honest and open account, by one of Asia’s leading adventurers, of how will power and perseverance can take you to the top and make your dreams a reality”

- ACTION ASIA Magazine

“Swee Chiow’s optimism and determination when tackling the world’s toughest peaks and harshest landscapes make this book an inspiring and engrossing read

- LINCOLN HALL Mountaineer