Ray Ferguson, Regional CEO, Singapore and South East Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

In any environment, the values of vision, teamwork, courage and determination holds true. These are skills that all leaders should embrace and apply in their business objectives. Your session was thought-provoking and truly inspirational. Many of my colleagues commented on how much they enjoyed your session and how it resonated with them.

Steve Au Yeung, Executive Vice Preisident, Asia Pacific, Oracle Corporation

Swee Chiow’s approach to goal setting and a never-give-up attitude resonates through all areas of both business and personal life. His passion and sometimes humorous approach made you realise how intertwined they both are reliant they are on each other. A truly inspirational speaker and person and I look forward to watching him excel at his next adventure.

Eberhard Wedekind, President Volvo CE Asia, MD Volvo East Asia

Swee Chiow very effectively supported the Volvo Group in Asia as part of an important Strategy Conference. Sharing with us his leadership experience at Mt Everest, North and South Pole and comparing this with leadership in big organizations was very inspiring and motivational. In particular, the discussion about setting stretched objectives and going beyond borders fitted well into our context. Volvo recommends Swee Chiow as a coach and a motivational speaker.

Hiroshi Suehiro, Managing Executive Officer, Head of Asia & Oceania excl. East Asia, Mizuho Corporate Bank

The talk you delivered to our staff was extremely stimulating and refreshing. The lessons you shared with us from your many incredible adventures are highly relevant to the challenges we face in our everyday business. My wish is that more people will get the opportunity to be inspired by you to dare dream the impossible and have the courage to make that dream come true.

Martin Dubé, General Manager – WW Industry and Global Accounts , ASIA, Microsoft

Your session was absolutely well received. Well done, we had many positive comments and people were super impressed with your challenges you have undertaken and succeed. Many of them have requested for your book and have felt motivated to undertake their upcoming challenges with strength and courage the same way you have showed them.

Roland Diggelmann, Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific

Thank you for your most inspiring talk. It has been fascinating to listen to your adventures, but also to the degree of courage and determination, planning and strategizing and of course teamwork you invest in each of your endeavors. Thank you for showing us how to dare to dream and how to dream big! All of us are motivated to conquer our own Mount Everest!