Dr Lim Chee Onn, former Executive Chairman, Keppel Corporation Ltd

In these days when most people expect instant gratification, it is most reassuring to find someone who treasures patience and perseverance, courage and determination and most importantly a person who lives by these precepts. Swee Chiow is one such person. I should be immensely proud and happy if Keppelites find in him an outstanding role model. I hope more Singaporeans will do so too.

Henry Tan, President, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Singapore

Swee Chiow has inspired many of the entrepreneurs in EO to dare to dream big and look for the Everest in our life. We are also deeply impressed by his determination and never-say-die attitude that will help us in our entrepreneurship. For many of us who face trials, Swee Chiow’s reminder to enjoy success for 5 minutes and endure failure for 5 minutes and move on is really very good advice. This inspiring speech has encouraged every member and will surely help us to have a better journey.

Gan Te-Shen, President, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Malaysia

Listening to you yesterday continues to reinforce the fact that we are our own limitation to achieving our dreams, not the friends that tell us we can’t, nor the unexpected obstacles that appear as we pursue our dreams. I am thankful that there are people such as yourself that have found your place on this earth in inspiring others through sharing your life’s journey.

Graham Lythgoe, Asia Region Manager, Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd

Swee Chiow is truly inspirational in his approach to goal setting & achievement. He is a role model for all in the audience. He brings out the practical aspects and lessons learnt of both success & failure. The way the application of his philosophy can be applied in the business world is truly inspirational. Thanks for motivating the Asia Region team

Teh Ban Seng, VP & MD, Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing, Seagate

Your messages were very succinct and relevant and you were able to convey that through sharing your experiences which really made the messages come alive. You have the ability to connect with the audience, no easy task given the fact that we’re all from many different countries throughout Asia and the US. Your casual, easy and personal style resonates well. You were able to be “one of us” and not just another speaker on stage, and that makes your delivery come across so much more impact.