Datuk Vincent Loh, Executive Chairman & CEO, LKT, Malaysia. Mt Everest, May 2006.

Khoo’s overwhelming positive nature is one crucial factor that we had a successful and safe quest to Mt. Everest in 2006. His thoughts, words, and actions personify this character throughout our expedition and he radiates a strong sense of assurance to the team that nothing is insurmountable. He is a role model to those who seek accomplishments beyond their dreams.

Kerstin Poetzsch, Germany. Kilimanjaro, Feb 2011

My journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro was the ultimate experience of my life. Words cannot express the care and kindness I received from Swee Chiow and the team each moment of the way. I will cherish my climb up Kilimanjaro and will never forget the beautiful group of people that made it all possible. I highly recommend Swee Chiow to anyone interested in reaching the rooftop of Africa. I guarantee you won’t find better service and guidance out there. Thank you Swee Chiow!

Goh Yew Liang, Singapore. Lobuche East & Everest Base Camp, April 2012

I was impressed with a couple of things. You picked a really good operator and I think the trip went very well. Jamling was very on the ball and his team of Sherpas were a good bunch to be with. I also thought you did a good job teaching us the basics of ice climbing. Your instructions were very clear and precise and it was really great when all the guys picked it up so quickly. I also like the fact that you provide additional instruction to us before going on the trips. For eg the rappelling tower made me more comfortable when we actually started the real practice outside Lobuche.